Northlake employs staff from Japan, India, Denmark, Columbia, Bulgaria, and the United States.

Teachers have the equivalent of a Masters degree in education either overseas or in the U.S. system.  SuperK/Kindergarten staff have Washington State K-8 certification.  Associate Teachers have a Bachelors degree in education or are working toward their degrees (ECE or related fields) with tuition assistance from the center.  All staff complete 20 hours of basic child care training plus an additional 10 hours yearly as well as 5 hours yearly of anti-bias training.  Northlake staff maintains Adult/Pediatric CPR and First Aid certification.  

Languages Spoken

Northlake Preschool teachers speak the following languages:  American Sign Language, Bengali, Bulgarian, Danish, English, French, Hindi,  Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Tellegu.  Children are native speakers of the following languages:  Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, English, Japanese, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Taiwanese, and Tamil.